How can you earn through social media?

Earn Through Social media

How can you earn through social media?

When the world was engulfed by a COVID-19 pandemic crisis, various activities could not be carried out normally. We were busy going to our educational institutes in mornings and working part time in evenings to support our tuition fee and suddenly everything stopped We had mobiles and electronic devices to sooth and entertain us but then they were not just there to entertain us. Covid indeed has caused us some grave losses but we got insight into how we can earn money through social media. How it is not just here for you to communicate and share, that it can’t just support you emotionally but it can support you financially as well.

Almost everyone has more than one account on FB, Twitter and YouTube. People are turning to these apps to keep them entertained, connected, and informed while they’re spending more time at home. The owners of these apps are earning, obviously but the users are making their own content and thus making their own money. It is not unbelievable anymore that we can earn a thousand or two by just writing a 1000 word essay, or you can post a video on YouTube and gain dollars. It is easy; you do it at the comfort of your home and all you need is to have a social media handle.

There are a lot of ways in which you can make money with social media.

It depends a lot on what niche you are going for and on what you want to make money from. You can promote and offer your services or you can promote other people’s products for a commission. Here is my reliant article.

First, you have to choose the platform you will go for. Sure you can have accounts on all social media platforms but you have to stick to one otherwise you will get overwhelmed.

Instagram is a platform that is relatively easy to start with and has huge traffic potential. You can become an influencer in the niche (target audience) that you choose.

  • Create engaging posts and interact with your followers, make them share and comment on your posts.
  • Research the best hashtags for the posts you are creating.
  • Post quality photos and be very transparent if you are promoting a product on your profile.
  • If you grow your audience enough you can make sponsored posts and companies will pay you to advertise on your profile.
  • You can promote your own services that you want to offer, or your website to get more traffic(interactions).

On YouTube, you can post a video about anything, share your content, be original, create your own, learn video editing and post it with hashtags that allow people to find your posts easily. YouTube is a bit direct, publishes rich video contents consistently, and grows your subscribers, views and fan base. You will continue to cash out on a long run if you always do so while staying in line with their policy guidelines.

The same way you can use Facebook, twitter as well.

You are good at baking? At handcraft? Make a Twitter account and let the world see your skills..

Good at singing? Do a TikTok video or just share it on your YouTube channel.

Got some amazing grammar and vocabulary? There are tons of companies waiting for you to do content writing for them.

Drop-ship; you can gather orders and then collect payment and deliver orders from a third party!

Sell your own products.

Content. Content. and only Content. No amount of posting or linked accounts or promotion will make up for lack of interesting content. As someone once said, “nobody reads advertising, they read what’s interesting, so make your ads interesting.”

You’ll have to find a niche in an area where people have an interest. Build an audience, then sell ad space on your account.

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