What is Instagram Marketing

What is Instagram Marketing

Why Instagram?

Instagram advertising is a kind of social media marketing, which covers helping a brand on Instagram. This social media platform helps brands attach a massive audience, increase brand awareness, and increase sales. Why is Instagram marketing important for businesses? Instagram is the perfect channel to spread an enormous audience – over 1 billion active users monthly. Furthermore, On an average, users spend 53 minutes per day on Instagram, which makes this platform the second most visited social network after Facebook. Instagram eases maintaining your relations with customers and prospects. People like being linked with brands through this network – 90% of users follow at least one company on Instagram.

Another point to consider is Instagram’s selling acceleration opportunities. According to Facebook research in 2019, 65% of people surveyed visited a brand’s website or app after seeing it on Instagram. 46% of interviewees purchased from a brand online or offline. Also, access to a massive audience, which actively cooperates with brands and wants to buy from them, is a core benefit of Instagram marketing. However, this social network has a trickle of other benefits. Over the past few years, Instagram has evolved from being a place for bending wealth or attainments to a helpful platform for business purposes. Also, there are four ways Instagram can affect your business positively.

How Instagram strengthens a Brand?

Brand strengthening Instagram marketing works miracles for brand awareness. 83% of users acknowledge that this social network assistances them discover new products or services. Better yet, people show more confidence in the brands presented on Instagram.74% of users consider brands with Instagram accounts relevant and 78% perceive them as popular. In contrast, brands that do not have an Instagram account are likely to be avoided by potential customers.

Improved engagement Social networks are one of the best channels to maintain contact with customers. Also, they allow you to get a response from your audience through likes or comments, engage them with captivating content, notify them about special offers, and more. In turn, Instagram works for customer engagement even better than other social platforms. Usually, a photo on Instagram is to get 23% more engagement than a post on Facebook, though the latter platform has twofold more active users. Enlarged sales We already know that the Instagram audience makes buying freely. This buying audience is gigantic – 11% of social media users in the US shop on Instagram. Knowing this peculiarity, Instagram lets businesses make the most of their platform. Instagram offers a robust set of tools that allow users to shop right from Instagram.

Instagram Marketing
Instagram Marketing

Among them are relations in Instagram Stories, shopping tags, ads, and more. Consider understanding the full list on the Instagram website. Audience growth opportunities Instagram increases your business’s reach by allowing you define your target audience exactly. This opportunity is present on Instagram ads manager thanks to its targeting options. With them, you can find the most suitable audience according to demographic data, interests, behavior, and more. Better yet, Instagram ads manager provides you with healthy retargeting options.


Targeting and retargeting coupled permits you to not only drive more capable Instagram leads but also nudge leads from other channels down the sales funnel efficiently. The Instagram analytics tool permits you to measure your ad performance. Furthermore, You can track outreach, total campaign spending, the number of purchases, cost per purchase, conversions, and more. To sum it up, Instagram marketing supports your brand, brings you a willing-to-buy audience, and keeps them involved with your business. Read on if you want to get maximum value from this channel. In the next part, we’ll find out how to set up an Instagram marketing strategy.

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