The Revolution of Digital Video Advertising

The Revolution of Digital Video Advertising

What is the future of Digital Video Advertising?

For the past few years, video has grown to be one of the strongest and constantly booming driving forces for the digital advertising industry, globally. While the niche, undoubtedly, remains optimistic for more years, but the online-video-ad trends in five years will be at least rather different from what we’re tracking right now in 2021.

Let’s take a brief look at what will be the revolution in digital video advertising may look like in the upcoming future.

Digital Video Advertising
Digital Video Advertising

5G is here to change

Even though the 5G acceptance has been uncertain upon numerous hurdles in 2020 and 2021, mostly because of the pandemic-related economic slowdowns and the spread of misinformation regarding its effects on us. But, The upcoming years will be more than enough to get things going in the digital video advertising.

And since there is a boom in 5g devices right now which are currently dominating the market, so will the AR- and VR-powered immersive video ads. Not only will these offer a unique experience in e-commerce and tourism, but they will also become a vital part of gaming ads, opening a brand new era for new computers and different types of users.

One of the most likely video-ad formats in the VR and AR universes will remain the well-known rewarded video ads, and these will provide an interactive, multi-level journey to viewers.

More importantly, the gaming-related trend will probably cover the parent-controlled niche of advertising too, offering a unique blend of educational and entertainment ad content for children with access to VR sets in their homes. Because of this, the digitalized universes seem like the least creative example of the many.

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