Digital Marketing in a COVID-19 World

Digital Marketing in a COVID-19 World

The world is different now. We don’t know exactly where we’ll go from here. There’s no precedent; no guidebook. As a nonprofit organization, you’re no stranger to challenges, but no one has ever faced a challenge quite like this before. 

The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger—but recognize the opportunity.

Take Advantage of Increased Internet Engagement

Digital marketing is an ideal way to distribute communications—especially crisis messaging—both quickly and cost-effectively. It’s also a solid strategy to keep your audience actively engaged with your organization. Plus, with crisis information that frequently changing during a crisis, the digital realm allows you to pivot fast and adjust your messaging in real-time.

The internet has become our main conduit for interacting with each other. With stay-at-home orders, people are more engaged online than ever before. That makes digital marketing one of the most effective tools to reach your audience. Savvy marketers will seize the opportunity to use digital marketing to promote their mission, build and strengthen relationships with existing supporters and cultivate relationships with potential supporters. Having a robust digital marketing strategy has never been more important. Focus on these steps to bolster your digital presence.
Meaningful Engagement
Many people are isolated right now and longing for connection. However,  people are most likely inundated with messages from many different organizations trying to reach out during this time. So, it’s important to ask: How can you engage your donors and support your community in the most meaningful way? Focus on fostering relationships in a substantial way to raise your organization above the clutter.
You may have heard the expression “content is king,” and the pandemic has made content especially important. In fact, you might even say content wears a larger crown than ever before! Content drives everything. But not just any content; high quality content. Relevant content that answers questions or is helpful in some other way, is what drives users to your site and keeps them there longer. 

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