Snapchat Marketing Current Trends

Snapchat Marketing Current Trends

Snapchat as a marketing tool? I think, truly? These days, isn’t it a platform for teenagers and youths to post a lot of pictures with strange filters?mens adult sex toys nike air jordan shoes nflshop custom baseball jerseys cheap wigs near me nfl jerseys nfl shop coupon code best adidas running shoes nike air max 95 white custom jerseys jordan shoes online nike air max 90 sale customized baseball jerseys adidas women sneakers cheap nfl jersey

Many of you may have had that thought while reading the post’s title, I’m sure. You probably aren’t mindful, but there are 178 million active Snapchat users day after day! Every day, 3 billion photos are shared on the platform. And all of this happened just six years after the launch.

In advance of the holiday shopping season, Snapchat is offering performance-minded pushers with a means to control whether visitors to their websites arrived after seeing a brand’s advancement on the mobile app, even if they didn’t link directly with the advertisement.


Snapchat announced recently the Snap Pixel, a conversion-tracking means for businesses to determine whether their Snapchat advertisements had any impact on the number of visits to their websites. According to a Snapchat spokesperson, all advertisers, including those who obtain advertisements via the self-serve Snapchat Ad Manager interface, will have availability to the tracking tag at some point in the upcoming weeks.

Snap desires to more effectively compete for brands’ spending with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter, all of which presently provide similar features, by offering conversion monitoring. Even if someone wasn’t openly directed to a brand’s website, these platforms offer the conversion-tracking mechanisms so that advertisers may credit the platforms’ advertising for fetching traffic to the site. The platforms compete to show who is the most deserving of a brand’s spending in order to position themselves to receive a greater chunk of that spend, so that attribution measurement is vital. It’s crucial for Snapchat in particular because the mobile app is vying for direct-response marketers, who are more likely to be interested in tracking conversions and care more about generating income than brand acquaintance.

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