Top 5 sites I save time as a Digital marketer

save time as ad digital marketer

Top 5 sites I save time as a Digital marketer

Today we talk about ways to save time as a Digital Marketer. It is crucial to assign fixed hours to your work as a social media manager.

Digital Marketing is on the rise especially after the delta wave of COVID19. With the increase in demand , there is also an increase in demand for better online marketing. 

online Marketing

Here are a list of reasons for Digital Marketing.

The job of a social media manager seems to be easy. 

Just create content and post everyday.

In reality, it only seems that simple.
The social media manager needs to do everything from scratch.

This includes generating content to deciding the aesthetic. This will then lead to creating Instagram posts and timely uploading them . 

Scheduling meetings is also a task for a digital marketer.

This requires proper management and consistency.
Amidst all the chaos, there are some websites which help social media managers a lot.

Here are top 5 websites for a Digital Marketer: 

1. Grammarly:

Excellent for writing SEO articles. Grammarly assists me To better curate my sentences for writing captions. These captions are attractive enough to capture the audiences mind. 

2. Canva for a digital Marketer :

This is the ultimate post design website. Canva assists me  to design aesthetic posts for my Instagram feed. Download the application on your phone.

3. Answer the public:

This is a public platform. It can be utilized to generate numerous ideas on the a particular topic. However, Answerthepublic can only be used once in a day. You can also become a member to enhance your use. 

4. Calendly:

Amidst all the marketing use Calendly to schedule appointments. Works best for teams.

5. Pexels:

Finally Pexels for all the Instagram posts you will ever design, you need free photos/videos. I use Pexels to get good quality stock photos and videos for my content plan. These will make your post more personalised and interactive. 

In conclusion , it works best if you take help from these websites to accomplish your month’s task. 

I hope that this compilation was fruitful to you. 

Happy Digital Marketing! 🙂

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