SEO Tips for Freelancers

SEO Tips for Freelancers

First, for clarification purposes, the term SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Articles that adopt the proper optimization measures are more likely to be put forward by Google, Bing and other tools of this type. SEO Tips for Freelancers

How is it possible to produce high-quality articles that get good results? It should be noted that there are different schools of thought based on each person’s experience. Search engines do not unveil all their selection criteria and so for this reason, different practices are applied to try to produce optimized content. The following advice represents techniques that have been tried and tested, although some people will claim that other methods work better.

Why add SEO articles to a website?

Should a website for a carwash have a blog? If the owners of the company want to attract people to their website, it could very well be an option to consider. In this particular case, the articles could be written to attract people that do research about washing their car. This type of strategy can be adapted for all types of companies, regardless of the field in question.

Search engines like Google and Bing analyze millions of websites in order to give search results that suit the needs of their users. To attract their attention as a website owner, certain practices have to be put in place. Adding optimized content, such as the articles, is a technique that has proven its worth. The traffic received through SEO-friendly articles is organic referencing, which produces efficient results at little cost.

5 SEO Tips For Freelancers

SEO Tips for Freelancers

Organic traffic from Google is one of the best ways to get leads on autopilot for your business. However, “Search engine optimization” can seem like an overwhelming monster, that should be reserved for rocket scientists.

In reality, SEO is ANYTHING you do that gets you higher on Google search. A 1% improvement every day can compound to grow your traffic and get you #1 in the long term.

But if you spend any time reading about SEO, you’ll come across things like JSON-LD and Structured data which makes things way too overwhelming and unactionable.

In this article, I’ll give you 5 highly actionable SEO tips for Freelancers that can be implemented today to improve the rankings of your existing business or to get your freelance career rolling.

1. Start A Freelance Website
2. Pick The Right Keywords
3. On Page SEO
4. Write Problem Solving Content
5. BackLinks & Internal Links

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